Beside form the plants mentioned on other pages, there are some caudiciforms  and bulbs that already are in cultivation  - or should be.
  If you should have a good photo or another idea for a candidate; Please

 This is a list of some Iridaceae, which all can be found in South Africa


Babiana sambucina + photo Ixia orientalis  

Bobartia aphylla + photo Lapeirousia pyramidalis
Bobartia rubusta + photo Micranthus junceus
Chasmanthe aethiopica + photo Romulea dichotoma
Crocosmia aurea + photo Syringodea longituba
Dietes iridioides + photo Tritonia bakeri
Ferraria crispa + photo Tritonia securigera
Freesia verrucosa + photo Tritoniopsis caffra
Geissorhiza outeniquensis + photo Tritoniopsis ramosa
Gladiolus cunonius + photo Watsonia aletroides
Hesperantha acuta + photo Watsonia galpinii
Hesperantha falcate Watsonia laccata
Homenia bulbillifera Watsonia wilmaniae
These Euphorbiaceae might have a caudex and I am working my way through them
espinosa pervittata
maleolens tenuispinosa