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28/12 The new news 2004.
28/12 Made 2-3000 spelling corrections, mainly on the subs.
24/12 New plants:Oxalis megalorrhiza.
17/12 New plants:Haemanthus deformis.
13/12 New plants:Brighamia roickii.
12/12 New plants: Iridodictyum reticulatum and Bombax aquaticum.
6/12 New page:  Borrowed photos
6/12 New plants: Aloe suzannnae on  RIKKE´S PLANTS and Haemanthus deformis
27/11 New plants: Amoreuxia wrightii, Barringtonia asiatica, Erythrophysa alata, Melandrium virginicum and Zamioculcas zamiifolia.
18/11 New Web-Ring:Join or navigate: CAUDICIFORMS [ Join Now | Ring Hub | Random | << Prev | Next >>
18/11 New plant: Macrozamia miquelii.
15/11 New plants:Delonix decaryi, Delonix pumila, Nolina beldingii and Talinum palmeri .
9/11 New page: Dormant Periodes .
7/11 New plant:Pelargonium quinquelobatum.
2/11 New plant:Protasparagus racemosus.
30/10 New info: Winter-grower, all year-growers, late dormant in the button of  YEAR .
28/10 New pages:Cissus opaca, Pereskia sacharosa, Trachymene incisa and Zehneria cunninghamii.
22/10 New pages: Where are the caudiciforms from.
20/10 New pages:Cyphostemma sandersonii.
19/10 New plant:Clerodendron ugandense.
19/10 New plants: Neoalsomitra sarcophylla, Neoalsomitra podagrica, Xerosicyos perrieri.
15/10 New photos from  Argentina , mainly cacti.
9/10 New plants:Chorisia speciosa and Phytolacca dioica
14/9 New plants:Aloe richardsiae and Stathmostelma praetermissum
11/9 New plant:Maerua edulis
6/9 New plants: Brighamia insignis, Entandrophragma caudatum, Mitrophyllum mitratum, Anacampseros alstonii and Obetia ficifolia, Pyrenacantha kaurabassana
19/8 New plant: Jacaratia corumbensis
15/8 03 New plant:  Operculicarya decaryi
14/8 03 Some new photos: Ipo-pla flower, Mat-cyc flower, Mom-ros fruit, Coc-ses femaleflower, Leu-pri flower, Ste-ven fruits, Dio-ele male flower, Dio-syl male flower, Cyp-jut fruit, Ger-mac female flower and fruit.
11/8 03 A few plants died while I was on vecation and change status from "c" to "g" on  CAUDICIFORMS  and  SORT BY FAMILIES  
22/6 03 Lots of new photos: Plants and flowers. New page: MOST WANTED 
15/6 03 Lots of new colors af other "fun" on most pages. Nothing serious.
13/6 03 Added a search function:

11/6 03 Got the third star in Cactus-mall.
9/6 03 New plant: Moraea polyanthos
8/6 03 New plants: Pachycormus discolor, Peperomia monticola, Bulbine mesembryanthemoides, Anredera baselloides, Eriospermum abyssinicum, Eriospermum aphyllum, Othonna hederifolia, Pelargonium auritum, Tylosema fassoglensis, Ledebouria kirkii, Dolichos kilimandscharicus, Aeollanthus subacaulis var. linearis, Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus var. albiflorus, Pterocactus tuberosus, Sansevieria fischeri, Schizobasis intricata, Cussonia kirkii var. kirkii, Ischnolepis graminifolia
7/6 03 New plant:Adansonia madagascariensis, Bursera fagaroides, Fouquieria columnaris, Moringa borziana, Pelargonium oblongatum
6/6 03  SLIDE-SHOW  has been up-dated,+  HOLLAND and GERMANY TOUR 
28/5 03 New plant:Elephantorrhiza elephantina
17/5 03 New plants: Psebax ellipticum, Delosperma napiforme, Pachypodium saundersii, and Senecio kleinioides
10/5 03 45 new photos
28/4 03 New plants; Cephalopentandra ecirrhosa, Pterodiscus ngamicus not much info yet.
24/4 03 New plant; Oxygonum dregeanum, not much info yet.
21/4 03 The  SLIDE-SHOW  is up-dated.
19/4 03 32 new photos.
19/4 03 New page: YEAR  Photos of the collection througt the year.
18/4 03 New page:  Sort  : Sorted by family, long list
13/4 03 New plants:  Kleinia grantii + Ceropegia woodii + Pachyphytum oviferum + Faucararia tuberculosa
1/4 03 New plant: Dorstenia hildebrandtii  
1/4 03 New feature: Sorted by familys in a sheet:  FAMILIES 
1/4 03 New plant:Erythrina zeyheri  
30/3 03 New plants:Begonia dregei var. dregei, Uncarina grandidieri, Matelea cyclophylla, Leuchtenbergia principis, Drimiopsis maculata  
29/3 03 New photos of: Agapetes serpens, Dioscorea sylvatica, Coccinia sessilifolia flower, Bowiea volubilis flower, Lannea sp. Welwitschia mirabilis, Plectranthus ernstii, Dorstenia gigas flower, Pyrenacantha malvifolia, Zygosicyos tripartitus, Impatiens tuberosa.
23/3 03 New plant:Juncus effusus
23/3 03 Spring in Danmark Photo 1 photo 2
22/3 03 New plants:Ficus microcarpa + Syngonanthus sp.
20/3 03 New plant:Trichodiadema bulbosum.
18/3 03 Lager fonts and "H" in AUTHOR on all sub-pages.
13/3 03 Icon on the pages: A small caudiciform  
1/3 03 Triple speed on the Taxonomy-pages.
25/2 03 More info on sub-pages: Oxalis carnosa, Harpagophytum procumbens, Pterodiscus angustifolius, Pterodiscus luridus, Pterodiscus speciosus, Uncarina roeoesliana,Peperomia campylotropa.
23/2 03 More info on sub-pages: Eriospermum abyssinicum, Eriospermum zeyheri, Erythrina zeyheri, Neorautanenia mitis, Pelargonium antidysentericum, Monsonia multifida, Monsonia peniculina, Pyrenacantha malvifolia, Plectranthus ernestii, Monolena primulif, Moringa oleifera.
22/2 03 More info on sub-pages:Othonna wrinkleana, Impatiens tuberosa, Anredera cordifolia, Tylecodon pearsonii, Tylecodon reticulatus, Dioscorea sylvatica, Agapetes serpens, Macleania insignis.
21/2 03 More info on sub-pages:Sphalmanthus resurgens, Trichodiadema bulbosum, Lomatium hendersonii, Gethyllis namaquensis, Bulbine haworthioides, Othonna cacalioides, Othonna clavifolia. Begonia sonderiana, Pelargonium carnosum, Thladiantha palmatipartita ?
18/2 03 Sub-pages on Rikke´s plants: Agave victoriae-reginae, Crassula ovata, Echeveria lilacina, Echinocereus pectinatus rubispinus, Euphorbia obesa, Ferocactus horridus, Ferocactus herrerae, Melocactus matanzanus
13/2 03 Photos of seeds: Cuc-pal, Ipo-pub, Zeh-sca, Sin-eum, Mom-ros, Tal-caf + Ked-pun.
12/2 03 New plants: Cucurbita palmata + Ipomoea pubescens +Sinningia eumorpha
8/2 03 New photos of Rikke´s plants +  Two new: Crassula ovata + Kalanehoe hybrid
1/2 03 Finaly name on "Ipomoea sp": Mirabilis jalapa.
1/2 03 New plant: Zehneria scabra
30/1 03 Finaly (?!)Beaucarnea/Calibanus it put to rest in the Nolinaceae family.
29/1 03 Talinum "natalensis" finaly got its right name. T caffrum
26/1 03 New photos of Coccinia trilobata, winter-down-cuts, Welwitschia seedling & Xerosicyos tripartitus.
21/1 03 My Welwitschia mirabilis has germinated!
19/1 03 New plant: Albuca spiralis
16/1 03 Remowed 3  taxonomy-pages. Same info as on  FULL_TAXONOMY 
15/1 03 New plants: Sinninia bulbosa S. iarea
12/1 03 New page:  INTRO  . What do I mean by caudiciforms.
9/1 03 Additional info on 20 sub-pages. Ie: Adansonia gregorii
7/1 03 Turbo on the  FULL_TAXONOMY pages
5/1 03 Petopentia natalensis has moved from Asclepiadaceae to Periploceceae
2/1 03 New plant: Cyclamen persicum . Lay-out changes
1/1 03 New plants: Hydnophytum formicarum , Welwitschia mirabilis , Cissus tuberosa
1/1 2003 The old news 2002.