NEWS 2006   

PLANNED FEATURES: Better grammar - a dream? Better photos - still working. New plants from different families - please send!
More info on some of the plants - please tell!



31/12 The new News 2007
18/12 New pages: Ceropegia bulbosa and Ceropegia hirsuta.
14/12 New page: Cacti of Bonaire.
16/11 New pages: DASYPOGONACEAE and Kingia australis.
14/10 New page: Othonna filicaulis.
14/10 Less pages: Some pages has been removed from the site: Cissus species, Cucumis species, Clerodendrum species, Latin, More Names, Unknown Plants, Swap Meet, The first Site is now on My Story.
8/10 New page: Eulophia angolensis and Tacca integrifolia.
6/10 New pages: Androcymbium punctatum, Cyphostemma betiformis, Euphorbia subapoda, Dipidax triquetrum, Monadenium orobanchoides and Opuntia chaffeyi.
5/10 New pages: Monsonia herrei, Schlechterella africana, Sesamothamnus guerichii, Sinningia douglasii and Talinum tenuissimum.
4/10 New pages: Euphorbia trichadenia, Monadenium magnificum, Monadenium montanum, Monadenium parviflorum, Pelargonium alternans, Pelargonium luridum, Raphionacme longituba and Raphionacme monteiroae.
3/10 New pages: Ceropegia barklyi, Ceropegia conrathii, Commiphora orbicularis, Cyphostemma adenocaule, Cyphostemma jiguu, Euphorbia squarrosa, Fockea comaru, Ipomoea longituba, Jatropha macrophylla, Kleinia abyssinica, Monadenium capitatum, Monadenium crispum and Monadenium echinulatum.
2/10 New pages: Adenia gummifera, Brachystelma circinatum and Brachystelma pulchellum.
1/10 New pages: Euphorbia balsamifera, Euphorbia cuneata, Euphorbia multifolia, Euphorbia rivae, Jatropha spicata, Monadenium yattanum, Sterculia murex and Vigna species.
30/9 New pages: Adenia lanceolata and Baseonema gregorii.
29/9 New pages: Dorstenia psilurus, Euphorbia tubiglans, Eucomis autumnalis, Kedrostis hirtella, Neorautanenia seineri, Phaedranassa tunguraguae, Raphionacme flanaganii and Trichodiadema densum.
28/9 New pages: Aloe dichotoma, Bowiea gariepensis, Bulbophyllum concinnum, Crinum jagus, Delonix floribunda and Epicycas micholitzii
27/9 New pages: Androcymbium ciliolatum, Ammocharis tinneana, Brachystelma buchananii, Brachystelma pygmaeum, Brachystelma tuberosum, Ceropegia sahyadrica, Crinum macowanii, Dorstenia zanzibarica, Eriospermum appendiculatum, Eriospermum paradoxum, Ficus goldmanii, Fouquieria purpusii, Lapiedra martinezii, Ornithogalum polyphyllum, Othonna triplinervia, Sinningia macrostachya and Veltheimia capensis.
25/9 New photos: 106 new photos scatted around the site from the Caudiciforma 2006-Euro Tour.
23/9 New pages: The family of PHYLLANTHACEAE. New plant: Astydamia latifolia. In Danish: Dagbog fra Caudiciforma 2006.
22/9 New pages: Tropical Center, The new Winco and Kiel Botanical Garden.
17/9 New page on Rikke's Plants: Hydnora africana, White-sloanea crassa.
15/9 New pages: Adenia aculeata, Adenia karibaensis, Adenia repanda, Euphorbia cremersii, Euphorbia enormis, Euphorbia knuthii, Euphorbia micracantha and Page no 1000: Dorstenia benguellensis.
14/9 New pages: Myrmecodia echinata, Othonna herrei, Pelargonium barklyi, Pelargonium leptum and Turbina oblongata,
13/9 New pages: Adenia digitata, Ariocarpus agavoides, Begonia partita, Euphorbia pachypodioides, Euphorbia sakarahaensis, Euphorbia silenifolia, Euphorbia tortirama, Euphorbia tuberosa, Lecanopteris crustacea, Lecanopteris deparioides, Massonia longipes and  Monadenium erubescens.
12/9 New pages: Euphorbia ambovombensis, Euphorbia cap-saintemariensis, Euphorbia crispa, Euphorbia ecklonii, Euphorbia flanaganii, Euphorbia francoisii, Euphorbia guillauminiana, Euphorbia longetuberculosa and Euphorbia stellata,
7/9 New pages: Euphorbia fanshawei, Euphorbia itremensis, Euphorbia moratii, Euphorbia suzannae-marnierae, Ficus abutilifolia, Monadenium mafingensis, Monadenium stoloniferum and Stephania pierrei.
6/9 New pages: Begonia cinnabarina, Dorstenia cuspidata, Ipomoea albivenia and Pelargonium gibbosum.
5/9 New pages: Muscari graecum, Pancratium maritimum and Raphionacme burkei.
3/9 New pages: Ariocarpus fissuratus, Dioscorea sansibarensis and Euphorbia globosa
2/9 New pages: Adenia pechuelii, Commiphora kraeuseliana, Commiphora namaensis, Commiphora virgata, Commiphora wildii, Cyphostemma macrocarpa, Corallocarpus perrieri and Kalanchoe bitteri,
30/8 New pages: Loxostylis alata, Moraea alpina and Moraea saxicola.
28/8 New pages: Commiphora quercifoliola, Dorstenia brownii, Pachypodium lealii, Pachypodium decaryi and Pachypodium meridionale. And on Rikke's Plants: Erythrina herbacea
27/8 New pages: Monadenium spectabile, Boswellia elongata and  Boswellia popoviana
26/8 New pages: Adenia heterophylla, Commiphora saxicola, Commiphora kua and Cyphostemma currori.
25/8 New pages on Rikke's: Uebelmannia pectinifera and Aloe vaombe.
18/8 New page: List of Guest Pages.
17/8 New pages: Pseudolithos cubiformis and on Rikke's: Xerosicyos danguyi
16/8 New lay-out for all pages, except single-plant-pages.
11/8 New page: Euphorbia decidua, Euphorbia primulifolia and Seyrigia multiflora
11/8 New concept: The Menu on top of all the pages.
10/8 New concept: Light pages is now Guest pages. Everybody can make pages on this site.
5/8 New page: Monadenium pedunculatum, Raphionacme angolensis, Raphionacme globosa and Raphionacme madiensis
4/8 New page: Brachystelma maritae
1/8 New page: Ceratozamia mexicana
26/7 New page: Ficus benjamina on Rikke's Plants.
13/7 New page: Rheum rhabarbarum.
21/6 New page: Panax quinquefolium.
22/5 New pages: Operculicarya pachypus, Pachypodium baronii, Pachypodium bicolor, Pachypodium geayi, Pachypodium lamerei and Uncarina stellulifera.
21/5 New pages: Hildegardia erythrosiphon, Moringa drouhardii, Operculicarya borealis and Jurgen Spannring's collection.
20/5 New pages: Commiphora humberti, Delonix boiviniana, Cyphostemma montagnacii, Euphorbia kondoi, Euphorbia quartziticola and Euphorbia waringiae
18/5 New pages: Adansonia za, Adenia cladosepala, Adenia firingalavensis and Adenia olaboensis.
17/5 New pages: Adansonia rubrostipa and Asarina erubescens. New photos on Adansonia madagascariensis.
8/5 New pages: Olaf Pronk and Laurette E.U.R.L.
6/5 New pages: Tzimbazaza,  Arboretum dŽAntsokay and Ramalala.
5/5 New pages: Madagascar
29/3 New page: Macfadyena unguis-cati
6/3 New pages:TACCACEAE and Tacca chantrieri.
19/2 New page: Myrmecodia tuberosa, which I thought was Myrmecodia platytyrea.
28/1 New pages: Euadenia eminens, Lecanopteris curtisii, Lecanopteris mirabilis and Solanopteris bifrons
26/1 New page in Rikke's section: Rhipsalis baccifera, the only native African and gascar cacti.
A few more photos on Myrmecodia platytyrea.
1/1 Nothing yet... I'm in dormancy.
1/1 2006 THE OLD NEWS 2005