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 Adansonia digitata

Northern Namibia, 19 meters around.

Author:  Carl Linnaeus 1759
Family:  Bombacaceae*
Habitat:  Southern Africa (Madagascar and Oman)
Soil:  Grit-Mix
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Maximum
Thickness:  15 meters
Height:  22 meters
Flower:  White
Reproduction:  Seeds/Cuttings
Pop names:  Baobab, Cream of Tartar Tree, Monkey-bread Tree, Lemonade Tree 
Synonyms:  Baobabus digitata Kuntze 1891

Night flowering.

The fruits are rich in vitamin C.

A good trick to get the seeds going is to soak them in a cup of hot water.

Twins, north of Otavi in namibia. Each three metres in diameter.

Dormant tree in Namibia.

Four meters in diameter.


The big and beautiful tree-like succulent appears only in the southern part of Africa (and brought around by Arab traders to i.e. Madagascar and Oman). First described by Carl Linnaeus in 1759. It belongs to the Bombacaceae* family. The trunk will get op to 15 meter wide and the tree up to 22 meters high. It can be reproduced by cuttings and seeds. Grows best in a well drained soil, some water and sun in summer and dry in winter.

 Seeds have been brought by Arab traders to Madagascar and Oman where around 100, up to 2000 years old trees can be found in Dhofar. Those plants have done fine so fare up north, and the biggest have reached a stem diameter of ten meters!

There are 6-10 species of Adansonias on Madagascar, one in the South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and one in the Kimberley region (Northern and Western Territory), Australia.

Named after the French naturalist Michel Adanson (1727-1806) and digitata meaning hand-like, is in reference to the shape of the leafs.

It has gourd/egg-formed green fruits, which can be 12 cm long, with several seeds in a vitamin C hard-foam.

*This family might been incorporated in the Malvaceae family now. Sub-family: Bombacoideae, tribe: Adansonieae.

A tree sown by a Muslim in 1477, in northern Sri Lanka. 20 meters around.

Another tree in Sri Lanka

Three years old, and I have a bush from a cutting. Around one meter tall.

The Kirstenbosch tree - in a rainy day.

The half year seedlings form a nice, little caudex.

How most non-Africans see the baobabs of Senegal.