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Solanopteris bifrons

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Photo by Benjamin Chambi,

Photo by Benjamin Chambi,

Author: Edwin Bingham Copeland, 1951
Origin:  Bolivia, N Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
Soil:  Epiphyte
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  2,5 Centimetres
Height:  15 Centimetres
"Flower":  Green
Propagate:  Spores/Bulbs
Names:  Potato Fern
Synonyms:  Might be: Microgramma bifrons, Lellinger, 1977.
Polypodium bifrons,
William Jackson Hooker, 1859.

This member of the Polypodiaceae family was
given this name by Edwin Bingham Copeland in 1951. It is found in northern South America, growing in trees as an epiphyte with some water and some sun. The bulbs will grow up to 2,5 centimetres in diameter, the leaves to 15 centimetres length.

The genera name means 'wing fern'. The species name means 'two faced, two fronded, two leaves'.

Seen on IPNI as a member of the Pteridophyta  family.

Photo by Benjamin Chambi,