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This is just a place I store my plans. Mainly because planning is not all, vacation is a big part of the gig.  And weather and general possibilities too. I wanted to see Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay while the Danish winter made Denmark so unsuitable for living.  Unfortunately, this central South American countries do receive the major part of their rain in this season, and roads might disrepair - along with the sun. Well, the western costal part of Peru is bone dry any time of year, but I have to wait until I have a vacant summer.

The major Plan B is the northern coast of the same continent.  For many years, I have been wanting to explore Guyana, and why not the countries around it? Here are the great Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname and Guiana.

Realising most of this vast area is only accessible by boat, I have tried to find the most astonishing nature, still within reach from the few roads, but I will also explore the interior by boats.
It turned out the weather, flights, border crossings and safety in Venezuela do cause some challenges. Apparently, the border between Venezuela and Guyana is sealed. The rainy season can make travelling in-between other areas - and countries impossible, and I ended up with a bit of an odd plan, allowing me to travel at least some of the areas, in their drier seasons.
The facts:
Geography: Col  Ven  Tri  Guy  Sur  Gui
Dry months  1,2   all    2-3   2-3   2-3  8-(12)

Based on weather, border crossings and time, I have made the following plan (F actually):
As South America tend to be soaked in December, and I want to avoid spending December in Denmark, I make a slight detour to the United Arab Emirates, Bharain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar after a month in Georgia and Abkhazia in September/Oktober.
Then, on the 27. of December I fly to Colombia, and explore the country for three weeks. Heading on by flight to Guyana, and travel it along with Suriname and Guiana until the 18. of February. Then a short flight to Trinidad & Tobago which will be explored until 27. of February.

Any given vacant summer, I will go back to  Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and if it is safe; Venezuela.