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Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is a landlocked self-proclaimed state situated between the River Dniester and the border with Ukraine, govern as an unitary semi-presidential republic. It covers 4.163 square kilometres, and are the home of 475.665 citizens, of which 95% are Christians.
The currency is Transnistrian ruble, althought I fail to find any conversion.
A visit with a ten hour on-site visa is possible, and longer stays require another application.

Transdniestr has a climate which is moderately continental; its proximity to the Black Sea leads to the climate being mild and sunny.
Among the more interesting larger mammals are the Gray wolf (Canis lupus), Brown bear (Ursus arctos), Eurasian badger (Meles meles) and the European otter (Lutra lutra). The list of superior plants in Moldova numbers 1540 species that belong to 550 genera and 101 families. I have so far not been able to find any I in particular will search for.

Well, I have not made is here yet....

Photos   Map & Plan   Diary