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Cyphostemma roseiglandulosum

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Photo from unknown origin.

A small plat by Plantemania,

Author: Bernard M. Descoings, 1964
Origin:  Western Madagascar
Soil:  Limestone - Rich
Water:  Medium - Maximum
Sun:  Medium
Thickness:  50 Centimetres
Height:  8 Metres
Flower:  Greenish - Red
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  -
Synonyms:  Cyphostemma roseiglandulosa, Bernard M. Descoings, 1964.

This member of the Vitaceae family was given this name by Bernard M. Descoings in 1964. It is found in western Madagascar, growing on bare limestone or in a well drained soil with quite some water water and some sun. The caudex can grow to 50 centimetres in diameter, 150 centimetres high, the entire plant to 8 metres or more in height. The flowers are greenish to red.

The genera name from the Greek kyphos; 'tumor' or ,'hump' and stemma; 'garland' or 'crown'. The species name means 'rose' and 'glandular', having glands or glandular cells.