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Dudleya candida

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Dudleya brittonii, Frits Johansen 1933.

Author:  Nathaniel Lord Britton, 1903
Origin:  Coronado Islands, Baja California; Mexico
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Medium
Sun:  Medium - Maximum
Thickness:  5 Centimetres
Height:  30 Centimetres
Flower:  Green - Pale Yellow
Propagate:  Seeds/Offsets
Names:  -
Synonyms:  Echeveria candida A.Berger, 1930.
candida Fedde Bot. Jahresber, 1904.
Cotyledon brycae.
Dudleya bryceae Britton & Rose
Echeveria bryceae,

This member of the Crassulaceae family was given this name by Nathaniel Lord Britton in 1903. It is found on the four Coronado Islands, out of the northern part of Baja California. It grows in a well drained soil with some water and some to lots of sun. The swollen stem can grow to five centimetres in diameter and 30 centimetres high. The flowers are green to pale yellow, and it can be reproduced both by seeds and offsets.

This is a winter-grower.

 The close related Dudleya brittonii, Frits Johansen 1933, found in Southern California and Mexico.
This one found by Herbert Snorkledink near Ensenada, Baja California.
 It is the green form - unless it is a hybrid with other Dudleya species; they tend to intergrade.