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 Ficus abutilifolia

Photo from:
Thomas Müller.

Author:   Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel, 1867
Family:  Moraceae
Origin:  Central, South-East Africa
Soil:  Rocks, Grit, Mix
Water:  Medium-Maximum
Sun:  Medium-Maximum
Thickness:  70 centimetres
Height:  6-15 meters
Flower:  Green/Pink
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  Large-leaved Rock Fig
Synonyms:  Urostigma abutilifolium Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel, 1844. Ficus soldanella Warb. 1906. Ficus picta Sim,
1909. By mistake: Ficus abutifolia?

A wild plant by Sheila Gregory © RBG Kew.

  This member of the Moraceae family was given this name by Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel in 1867. It is found in two populations in Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, eastern Botswana, Swaziland and South Africa. It grows on bare rocks, in grit and other well drained soil. The stem can grow to 70 centimetres in diameter, the tree reaches six to fifteen meters height. The flowers are green with a pink centre.  

The genera name originates from the old Latin name for Ficus carica. The species name means  'leaves like Abutilon, a genera in the Malvaceae family.