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 Oxalis megalorrhiza

Lots of yellow flowers.

Author:   Nicolaas Joseph von Jacquin, 1794
Family:  Oxalidaceae
Origin:  South America
Soil:  Mix
Water:  Maximum
Sun:  Maximum
Thickness:  3 centimetres
Height:  20 centimetres
Flower:  Yellow
Propagate:  Seeds
Names:  Fleshy yellow sorrel
Synonyms:  Acetosella megalorrhiza Kuntze.

    The caudex and the fruit.
  This member of the Oxalidaceae family was described by Nicolaas Joseph von Jacquin in 1794. It's found in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador Chile and the Galapagos Islands. Growing in a well-drained soil with lots of water and sun. The flowers are yellow and cleistogamous - they are self-fertilised even before they open. When the fruit is ripe, a special mechanism is set off. The stem and small caudex will get 3 centimetres in diameter, the stems grow to 10 centimetres.

The genera name means 'sharp, pungent', as to leaf taste. The species name means 'with big root'.

WARNING: This plant will spread fast, thanks to it's exploding seed-capsules.

This species has been constantly misidentified as Oxalis carnosa, Molina 1810 since the publication of coloured plates by Lindley in 1827, and Hooker in 1828. However, Dandy & Young, 1959 resolved the problem, and later Porter in 1974 concisely explained the situation. Despite this, resent work on succulents, notably Jacobsen in 1960, Rha & Subik in 1981 and Rowley in 1987 have continued with the use of the illegitimate and misapplied name.

This is a winter/spring-grower, but can grow all year round.