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Caudiciforms Special plants!
 Bihrmann's Bugs Photos of Danish Bugs +
  Bihrmann's World Tour Diaries and 1000's of Photos ()
  Fish Bowl The world in a bowl
  Travel Tips What, where, who and how? +


  Taxon Plant Collection      Less related plants ever!
  Rikke's Plants  Weird plants

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  Runes Runestones from Danish islands
  Nature and human Thoughts about conservation
  Diving Diving around the world
  Boulders Large boulders from the Danish islands+
  Minimalism Living more with less +


Terrarium animals


Saving the world

Sider på dansk Swolly Musik, tekster og fotos
   Danmark Dejligst Fotos fra det smukke Danmark
  Sjaellandske Bjerge De hojeste steder pa Sjaelland
  El's Pub Ol info, Drinks og meget mere