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Tylecodon paniculatus

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This and below are Namibian plants.


Author: Hellmut R. Tölken, 1978
Origin:  Namibia, Western South Africa
Soil:  Grit - Mix
Water:  Minimum
Sun:  Medium - Maximum
Thickness:  40 Centimetres
Height:  2 Meters
Flower:  Yellow - Red - Pink
Propagate:  Seeds/Cuttings
Names:  Butter Tree, Botterboom
Synonyms:  Cotyledon paniculata, L.f.
Cotyledon fascicularis,
Cotyledon tardiflora,
Cotyledon mollis.
Tylecodon paniculatus
subsp. glaucus, van Jaarsv.

This member of the Crassulaceae family was given this name by Hellmut R. Tölken in 1978. It is found in Namibia and western South Africa, growing in grit or well drained soil with little water in winter and none in summer. The stem will grow to 40 centimetres in diameter and two meters in height. The flowers are red over yellow to pink, and the plant can be reproduced both by seeds and cuttings.

The genera name is an anagram of Cotyledon; a closely-related genus. The species name means 'having a type of flower cluster classified as a panicle'.

This is a winter-grower.

Small seedlings are hairy.

Origin in Richtersveld National Park, South Africa.

This and below are Namibian plants.