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 For many years, my big passion was tiny reptiles, insects and especially amphibians. I build well working habitats and bred quite a lot of them. At one time, I actually had 170 different species! Later, especially  Dendrobates and Phyllobates. caught my attention, and I narrowed down my collection considerably.

 Due to the lack of time, I ended up with a single, huge aqua-terrarium with  D. leucomelas, D. tinctorius, and P. vittatus.

 Sigurt, a Anolis carolinensis ruled in the "treetop" and the water was keep by a green neonfish.

 Unfortunately, I had to close it down and release the frogs in Copenhagen Botanical Garden when we went to Australia..

 I would love to have a lot of these charming, little creatures, but I even more like to have the liberty to travel to their origin for long periods at a time.


     D. tinctorius


    P. vittatus     
     D. leucomelas


     Anolis carolinensis (Sigurt)


Nordisk Herpetologisk Forening


     My last remaining animal: A Pandinus imperator,
     Emperor Scorpion, female.

Frog from Copenhagen Botanical Garden. Epipedobates anthonyi / tricolor?


     A tropical toad Bufo marinus from Copenhagen Botanical Garden, fighting back the cockroaches quite successful.

It is Phantasmal Poison Frog; Epipedobates anthonyi or is it tricolor?

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